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Boost sales with OSS by CyberAgora. Leverage AI-powered customer profiling, LLM, LMS, OMS, and CRM for smarter and more efficient ecommerce management.

Order Management System (OMS)

Optimize order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment with seamless integration and real-time tracking. Our Partner System allows partners to integrate with OSS, sending orders directly for efficient processing. Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision, driving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enhance your ecommerce strategy with OSS by CyberAgora’s robust CRM. Leverage our customer care portal, VOIP integration, loyalty system, AI-powered customer profiling, and LLM to build stronger connections, provide exceptional service, and boost customer loyalty. Experience seamless management and increased customer satisfaction.

Optimize Deliveries with Our Last Mile System (LMS)

Enhance your ecommerce logistics with OSS by CyberAgora’s advanced Last Mile System (LMS). Ensure timely and efficient deliveries with real-time tracking, route optimization, and seamless integration with your existing systems. Experience improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with our cutting-edge LMS solution.

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Our Features

Our Features Description

Last Mile System(LMS)

Optimize the delivery process and manage your own fleet with our Last Mile System, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries through route optimization and real-time tracking for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Order Management System (OMS)

Efficiently manage orders from placement to fulfillment with real-time tracking, inventory management, and seamless integration for optimized operations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Strengthen customer relationships with a robust CRM that includes a customer care portal and tools for managing customer interactions and data.

AI-Powered Customer Profiling

Utilize advanced AI to analyze customer behavior and preferences, enabling personalized experiences and targeted marketing strategies.

Large Language Model (LLM) Integration

Enhance customer service and support with LLM integration, providing sophisticated natural language processing for better communication and problem-solving.

Customer Care Portal

Provide exceptional customer support through an intuitive portal that centralizes queries, feedback, and service requests for efficient resolution.

Partner System

Facilitate seamless collaboration and order processing by allowing partners to integrate with OSS, sending orders directly for efficient management.

Business Intelligence Tool

Leverage data-driven insights with our Business Intelligence Tool, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning based on comprehensive analytics.

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